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Welcome to our home page. Watch out for new pages over as first millennium re-enactors get to grips with third millennium technology!

We are a family-orientated living history society with a wealth of experience gained over several decades. 

Typically Angelcynn portrays ordinary life in Anglo-Saxon England, extending into what is now Southern Scotland. 

Angelcynn has a deserved reputation for reaching the highest re-enactment standards. It has worked with the BBC (Meet the Ancestors), Channel 4 (Time Team), and many museums with important Anglo-Saxon collections. Many of the current members were filmed for the Sutton Hoo Introductory video, "The Wearer of the Helmet". We have a special interest in educational events.

We can provide anything from a single costumed interpreter for a talk or demonstration, to a tented encampment showing the life of a Thegn's retinue. We can demonstrate loom and tablet weaving, dyeing, cookery, pole lathing, working in wood, leather working, embroidery, and music. We also demonstrate the weaponry and skills of the warrior classes, as well as Anglo Saxon pagan burials.

Inter-active activities, "have a go", and themed presentations feature in our work. Join in our military drills, and learn how to make lucet! Observe our presentations of early period costumes, burial rites, arming a thegn, gender issues in early period society, storage problems, food, social, religious and religious conversion issues.   

We cover most of England and southern Scotland.

If you want us to assist at your event, contact our group leader, Lancelot Robson at l.robson(at)22.gmail.com 
( Replace (at) with @  ). Our events programme for the following year is usually agreed in the winter months, but for later bookings, spring and autumn events may be possible. A single interpreter or a couple may be available at other times. Winter events normally have to be indoors, or with effective shelter from the elements.

We actively encourage new members. Previous re-enactment experience is useful, but not essential. We will train you if you have the enthusiasm and desire to be a good re-enactor. If you are interested in finding out more, contact our group leader at l.robson22(at)gmail.com.( Replace (at) with @ )

Have a look at some of our work by clicking on our themed pages, and also our photo pages (for higher quality images). Teachers and students should find useful information there. 


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