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New for 2017

(words; Lancelot Robson)

The Angelcynn Ship

Eadgyth is a small "Faering" of 16 feet long and a beam of 4 feet 6 inches, clinker built to a traditional design She was built to sail under a lug sail rig, and we are working on a square sail rig at present. The intention is to sail her under either rig. Over the last 18 months we have been sailing her under her lug rig using only an unfixed steering oar instead of a modern rudder. This works well with two crew, and still works well with a single experienced helmsman. She also rows well into strong winds with only two oars. She usually lies at Kielder Water during the sailing season. We also have plans to launch her to sea from Blyth, Northumberland, but yours truly is still learning the coast with the local community rowing club crew. (Nice people, nice St Ayles skiff).  We are still looking for a good photo of Eadgyth under sail, without too many modern anachronisms.

Our very own venue! 

Seven acres near Longhorsley, Northumberland. I took possession properly on 20th September 2016 (once known as "taking livery of seisin", and yes, I did pour the soil through my fingers). The intention is to coppice about half of the acreage using traditional methods, and keep the rest as rough pasture for a small herd of traditional Dexter cattle during the summer. (The cattle are already in residence). Over the winter, we will be discussing various ideas with an emphasis on experimental archaeology.

2017 Shows

Several events are already in prospect, and as soon as our various museum partners start booking I will let members know.