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Useful Links

Try the following links to other websites of interest to medieval historians, re-enactors and teachers.

As you might expect, we take no responsibility for the content of other websites, but if you find anything unusual or unexpected, please let us know by email and we will investigate. Click on "Legal Stuff" for our email contact address.

The Regia Anglorum (Kingdoms of the English) website is full of useful stuff, particularly for the period 800-1150AD, click on: http://www.regia.org

Also try the Vikings, who cover the same period. Click on: http://www.vikingsonline.org.uk

Another of our favourites is a Nottinghamshire based group, Conroi De Vey, which is particularly interested in the period from the Norman Conquest to 1150AD around Nottingham, but they do earlier periods as well. Click on: http://www.livinghistory.co.uk/homepages/ConroiDeVey/

West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk,  has a museum, interpretation and visitors' centre . Click on: http://www.stedmundsbury.gov.uk/sebc/play/weststow-asv.cfm

Bede's World is the museum at Jarrow. It has a demonstration Anglo-Saxon farm (with authentic rare breed animals) a museum portraying the life of the Jarrow monastery from its foundation by Benedict Biscop until the Dissolution by Henry VIII. Special attention is paid to the scientific and literary work of the Venerable Bede. Walk over the Green to St Paul's church and sit in the chancel where Bede worshipped. The museum has its own educational and outreach centre. The site is a candidate for World Heritage status. Click on: http://www.jarrowhall.org.uk  for more information.

The Gefrin Trust owns the Palace site at Yeavering (Gefrin), King Edwin's famous palace near Wooler, Northumberland. The Trust is in the process of conserving the site, and opening it up for educational purposes. Its a wonderful atmospheric place at the foot of the Yeavering Bell. Click on: http://www.gefrintrust.org

 The Bakers Chest Bed & Breakfast. Visitors to the North East of England will get a warm rural welcome from Richard near Morpeth, Northumberland, located within an hour or less of the Roman Wall, Durham, Jarrow, Bamburgh, Lindisfarne, and Yeavering. Alnwick Castle and Walkworth are also close by. Many visitors to Wallington Hall and Cragside also stay there. They will look after you, and are proud to impart their extensive knowledge of the area. Click on their website; http://www.bakerschest.co.uk 

Bryneich Coppice Management carries out experimental archaeology using ancient woodland management techniques.Currently it has two sites, one near Longhorsley in Northumberland (a new plantation), and an established woodland near Duns in Berwickshire. Its website is under construction. Try http://www:bryneich-coppice-management.co.uk. It has close links with Angelcynn.