Anglo Saxon King Lists

By Ben Levick

Webgraphics by Nicole Kipar

The following tables show the reigns (where known) of the kings of the seven main Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, and also the kings who ruled all of England before the Norman Conquest. There were many smaller kingdoms, but little is known of most of these beyond their names, and most were absorbed by the larger kingdoms as time went by. Also included are some of the more important kings of the Britons and the Vikings.

(Approximate territories during period)

Map courtesy of Bill Bakken's Anglo Saxon England pages..





East Anglia



'Kings of All England'

Other Important Kings

Vortigern (fl. c. 425-450)

Ambrosius Aurelianus (5th century?)

Arthur (5th century?)

Ingeld (fl. c. 902-907)

Erik Bloodaxe (d. 954)