Calendar 2014

12th/13 April 2014 West Stow Anglo Saxon village, Icklingham Road, West Stow, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6HG


Pagan/Heathen Anglo Saxon Gods and Beliefs (circa 590AD)

Arrivals commence 4pm, 11th April. Overnight in the village.

21st June 2014 Rendlesham VIllage, Suffolk


Burial RItes in Rendlesham circa 650AD. Help Angelcynn prepare someone you know for burial! - part of Rendlesham Village Show

Arrivals from 4pm 20th. Overnights under canvas. Authentic wic from 10.00am on 21st

15th/16th/17th August 2014 Kirknewton Village Hall, Kirknewton, Wooler, Northumberland


Anglo Saxon life in Ad Gefrin circa 600AD - Part of Kirknewton Festival - with Gefrin Trust

Arrivals from 8.00am on 15th. Overnight accommodation can be arranged. Call Leader for details