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This site is run by Lancelot Robson, the current Leader of Angelcynn (the Angelcynn Re-Enactment Society) on behalf of Angelcynn with assistance from the Angelcynn Council. Angelcynn is primarily a re-enactment society with particular interests in education and experimental archeology.

Our contact email is l.robson22(at) ( use @ for (at) ). Please don't send us spam of any kind!

Angelcynn is non-profit making. It has scholarly, educational and charitable objectives. It has no political affiliation. Membership is open to all like-minded individuals who are interested in the history of the Angles and Saxons in the period 400-900AD.

Intending members must complete a short application form, and be approved for membership by the Leader of Angelcynn in consultation with the Angelcynn Council. Members pay a small annual fee (details of both are available on request).

All website content is copyright, and belongs to Angelcynn, unless otherwise stated in the text.

We note that a number of other websites use the word "Angelcynn". We wish to make it clear that Angelcynn has no connection with any other website, unless specifically noted on this page. At present there are no other connected websites.